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A “light-bulb” moment.

Ben here, Founder of GroupBuyer. It was 2019, before Covid reared it’s ugly head. I was working for property developers selling House & Land estates across Sydney. At that point the property market was slowing down. Banks became more strict with their lending policies. Developers went from selling out projects in one day to wondering where all the buyers went. Naturally they wanted to continue making sales but buyers lucky enough to get finance demanded a better deal. One property developer kept saying to me “Ben, bring me a group of buyers and I’ll give them all a discount”. I later thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a website where buyers from all around the Country could register their buying criteria and be “grouped” and presented to a developer for a discount. Fast forward to today, we’ve been grouping buyers for nearly two years and saved millions of dollars in discounts along the way.

The answers to your questions.

We know you’ll have questions, especially when it all seems too good to be true. So here are a few key questions to keep your eyes on our site.

Firstly, a little while ago we discovered that Property Developers will offer discounts & rebates to groups of buyers. This is because selling in bulk saves them time. Makes sense, right? So for us, we specialise in grouping individual buyers in order for YOU to claim a discount. Makes even better sense, right?!

Our platform is free for home buyers & investors all around the world. With over 1,200 buyers on-boarded in the past 12 months, you’re in good company. 

GroupBuyer members get an average of 10% off their purchases. In cases where we have more than 10 buyers in a specific group the available saving per investor can be up to 25% off!

Every property listing you see on our site is retail price. This is the price our developer/builders are selling each property for on external websites. Your big opportunity is right here, so let’s see how much we can save you!

We can help you buy ANY property type! From houses, townhouses, duplex’s, H&L, apartments (newly built & off-the-plan) or land only estates. Click on the Properties page and see for yourself.

We bring a lot to the table.

Every part of our process is designed to give our buyers more value than any other real estate company in the world.

Meet Ben, Founder of GroupBuyer.

Book your FREE 15 minute discover session to learn how GroupBuyer can save you more than any other real estate company in the world. You’re so welcome!

Let our finance brokers do your heavy lifting, for FREE.

Get access to a panel of lenders via just one point of contact. Our finance brokers will investigate every financial institute in the Country to find you the best value property loan money can buy.

Get 20% Off Your Property Conveyancing.

Get a free contract review, on us. Any of our properties, just ask and it’s yours! Plus access 20% off your conveyancing bill thanks to our legendary partners at ‘Settle Easy’.

Buy with us and NEVER pay full price.

Claim a discount or rebate (or both!) when you purchase a new property through GroupBuyer. Did we mention our average discount is 10%? Add that up.

Need a tenant?

Let us manage the performance of your investment property so you get rental income flowing in from day one! And yep, a 20% discount on our standard management fee is all yours.

General Advice.

Maybe you just have questions about how to get started or what kind of property you should invest in, and where? There’s no silly question. In fact, it’d be silly NOT to start a conversation with us! 

If you skipped over all the great things we offer and now you’re reading this, well, you’re here now so you might as well click the button. Throw your number in there somewhere and we’ll find it and call you back for a chat. Don’t worry, everything we do for you (our buyers) is free.